Career Planning

The process of career planning requires self-knowledge and understanding. The first thing that you may want to do is look at your grades in school and your standardized test scores. Consider your interests and how these interests influence your skills. Carefully review the results of the Interest Survey from your ACT, EXPLORE and PLAN tests with the website activities available.Use web resources for more self assessment and exploration. A sampling of sites to consider are

Self-Assessment/Career Information Sites (most are free, some have a nominal fee)

Personality tests
Personality Questionnaire
Free Personality Type Assessment

Interest profiles
O*NET® Computerized Interest ProfilerTM
Career Interest Game
Career Exploration

College majors
College Majors 101
Louisiana Connect
My Majors
Majors Search

Matching majors and careers
What Can I Do With a Major In?
What Can I Do With This Major/Degree
What Can I Do With My Major?

Once you have narrowedyour choices , conduct more intensive research. Find out exactly what is involved with each of your possible career choices. TALK to someone with that particular career, and consider applying for a summer internship or volunteering in that field. Conduct an informational interview. Ask the individual what he/she really does, what the career is like, what, if anything would they change about their preparation, and is there anything they wish they had known before entering the field. Job shadow. Also, consult the School-to-Work coordinator at your school to explore senior internship possibilities.

Also, READ books such as The Occupational Outlook Handbook (free online resource), refer to the World of Work Map, The Big Book of Jobs, The O*NET Dictionary of Occupational Titles, Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, Testing the Waters: A Teen’s Guide to Career Exploration; and the Discovering Careers for Your Future Series.

Choosing a career can influence your choice in a college or university so be well informed!