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The Louisiana National Guard offers a State Tuition Exemption Program (STEP) that is available to its membership. *"Any student enrolled, or who may enroll, in a public institution of higher learning of this state who is seventeen years of age or over and who is serving in the Louisiana National Guard shall be exempt from all or a portion of tuition charges imposed by any such institution of higher learning if the applicant for free tuition is presently domiciled in Louisiana." *Excerpt from § 36.1. Exemptions from tuition charges for service in the Louisiana National Guard, LSA-R.S. 29:36.1

Two of the most lucrative scholarship opportunities are ROTC scholarships and admission to one of the Service Academies. Of course, these scholarships come with a commitment attached, service in our Country's armed forces. Because application deadlines are early in the student's senior year (December 1), applications for either program should begin in the spring of junior year, continued during the summer, and completed early in senior year. Detailed information and applications can be found on line at:

Nomination Required

For admission to one of the Academies, (except the US Coast Guard Academy) students must request a nomination to the academy of their choice from your Senator, Congressman or the Vice President. For additional information visit the website(s) of US Senator David Vitter, US Senator Mary Landrieu, or Congressman Steve Scalise.

Sample request letters are available in Academy Catalogs and on the Academy web sites. If you have an interest in any one of these programs, plan ahead by having your ACT or SAT scores sent directly to them AND talk to your Guidance Counselor.